Aloha, welcome to Aloha, Made in Hawaii.  My Aloha labeled shirts are 100% cotton and typically manufactured as reverse print shirts aka 'inside out'.  This style of reversed print shirt has been popular in Hawaii since about 1964 as a way of muting the bright and colorful Hawaiian prints abundant in the islands.  The reversed print shirt has become the business casual of Oahu's financial district as well as with the general population as 'Aloha' formal.  Please check back regularly as prints change frequently.

Red Pareau-100% Cotton- Sizes S-2XL, $65, 3XL-$70

Japanese Tigers-Koi-Eagles-100% Cotton, Black, Sizes S-2XL, $65, 3XL-$70

Japanese Koi-Black, 100% Cotton, Sizes S-2XL, $65,

I focus on mainly three types of prints for the Aloha, Made in Hawaii designs.  I like to use 'Pareau' prints, simple two color prints, also 'Oriental' prints that feature the Japanese Crane-Tsuru, Dragons, Tigers, Koi Fish and Fans as well as colorful Hawaiian florals that are printed in bright distinctive colors but muted to a more comfortable level by the reverse fabric process.  I only make a limited quantity of each print so you won't be seeing it worn by everybody.  Enjoy your shopping, mahalo.